LF115 Lube Filter

Steel Coil Spring keeps its shape, maintaining a positive load pressure on the adapter seal and element and preventing unfiltered oil from reaching sensitive engine components.
Improved Cellulose Media, with increased pleat depth, allows greater contaminant holding capacity and increased efficiency.
Louvered Centertube adds strength to resist pressure surges. The louvered design has 40% open area compared to the standard 15%, maximizing flow through, while maintaining strength.
By-Pass Valve allows the oil to bypass the filter in cold start or in highly restrictive conditions.
All-Metal End Caps maximize filter life with increased stability and structural strength.
Positive Anti-Drainback Valve keeps oil in the filter, preventing “engine knock” and unnecessary engine wear.
Heavy-Duty Baseplate is joined to the can with a double-rolled, tuck lock seam to resist leakage due to high pressure.
Nitrile Gasket withstands extreme temperatures and provides a consistent seal, preventing leaks.