Dented Spin-on Filters

April 2012

Product HighlightSometimes when you open a box containing a spin-on filter, you may notice a dent, either small or large. Perhaps when you are installing a spin-on filter, the filter may inadvertently be damaged with the filter wrench or by dropping it. What do you do?

A dented filter is a damaged filter and that means that it should be replaced immediately. Filter manufacturers occasionally receive warranty claims concerning a crack in a spin-on filter. This crack is usually located near or in a dent in the canister.

It is usually found that the dent caused the crack, thus making it beyond the control of the filter manufacturer, resulting in a denial of the claim.

Filters are designed to resist fatigue and to absorb pulses equally over the interior surface. A dent provides an area where the stress can concentrate, increasing the probability of a failure due to fatigue.

The pulsing occurs naturally within the filter as the pressure in a fluid system is regulated by an integral pressure regulating valve, which intermittently opens and closes. This valve opens and closes continuously throughout the operation of the system, creating the pulsing effect.

The weakened area of the dent flexes due to the pulsing, creating a point that is susceptible to fatigue and cracking.

Filters that are dented before installation should not be used and filters damaged during installation should be removed and replaced with a new, undamaged filter. While the dent may seem insignifcant, the cost of replacing a filter is far less than the damages that may result from a failure.