E-Catalog Cross-Reference Search

July 2012

Hastings Filters offers a number of searches on its catalog website at catalog.hastingsfilter.com with the most popular being the cross-reference search.

The cross-reference search allows users to input competitor part numbers. Ten lines are provided initially; additional lines can be added by clicking "Add Lines". After inputting the competitor numbers to be searched, click "Find Crosses".

When searching for a part number that is not complete, an "*" may be placed at any point in a partial number. This will return all Hastings part numbers that include the known information.

Tech Tips Catalog Image Once the search engine has returned the results, the user can click on the Hastings part number in blue to see the specifications for that filter.

Once a user has completed a cross-reference search, there is an option to export the results. By choosing this feature, users can export to Microsoft Excel and save the information in the format desired.

When a cross is not found for a part number entered into the lookup, the option to provide details about the number is available. This will help Hastings Filters identify new numbers and possible future usage.