E-Catalog Application Searches

August 2012

Hastings Filters offers a number of searches on its catalog website at catalog.baldwinfilter.com. If you do not know the proper filter to use on your application, there are several "Application Searches" you can use.

By hovering over the "Applications" tab in the main menu, you can find application searches by Automotive, Off-Highway and Trucks & Buses. You can also search by keyword.

When using the automotive search, you will need the year and the model. If you select "Make", it will narrow down your model choices. Once you have located the proper model, you will need to select the correct engine option to find the filter listing.

Motorcycles and light-duty trucks are included in the Automotive section.

Keyword Search To locate the filters for an off-highway application, you will need information about the manufacturer and the model. Again, if you know the equipment type, you can narrow down your model choices. You may need to have information about the engine to select the right option.

Required information to find the correct filters for a truck or bus include the manufacturer and the model. Inputting the make will narrow the model options. You may need engine information to find the right filters for your applications.

The keyword search requires that a keyword be entered and a segment designated. Once you enter a keyword and select a segment, the search will return all entries in our applications database with that keyword. If you see your application returned you can access the filters required from that screen.