Spin-on Hydraulic Filter Installation

March 2013

The purpose of the hydraulic filter is to remove harmful contaminants that may cause internal system component damage from the hydraulic fluid stream. For the filter to work properly, it is critical that it be installed correctly.

To achieve the best results, everyone should install a hydraulic filter in the same, correct way. Each Hastings spin-on hydraulic filter includes pictograms to identify the correct procedure to install that particular filter.

Following are the steps to properly install a typical spin-on hydraulic filter:

NOTE: Close hydraulic system shutoff valve prior to used filter removal.

Remove all old gaskets that may be stuck to the base.

Clean the mounting base sealing surface with a clean cloth.

Apply a thin film of clean fluid to the new filter gasket(s). DO NOT USE GREASE!

Spin the new filter on until the gasket contacts the mounting base.
NOTE: This does not mean “hand-tighten”. For example, “hand-tighten” to installer “A” might be 1 turn beyond gasket contact, while “hand-tighten” to installer “B” might be 1/2 turn beyond gasket contact.

Tighten the filter the required number of turns shown in the pictogram beyond gasket contact. For this example, tighten the new filter 1 additional turn beyond gasket contact to the base.
Open the hydraulic system shut-off valve.

Start the engine and check for leaks.

Never use a dented filter.