eLink Makes Placing Orders Easy

June 2013

eLinkeLink, Hastings Premium Filters online ordering system is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. eLink's password-protected, user-friendly interface allows customers to enter orders, check order status, access product specifications, save orders as template, as well as cross-reference part numbers.

The system has a number of features to make ordering easier. It will automatically combine repeated part numbers and update numbers that are shipped in case quantity only.

eLink also informs the user when a quantity has been omitted or when the part number is incorrect.

By saving orders as templates, users can edit previous orders and reduce the amount of time needed to re-enter frequently ordered part numbers. Orders can also be built in a spreadsheet offline and then uploaded to the eLink system.

Once your order is placed, users can track it through the system by accessing the order status screen. Users can see when an order has been received and shipped. The system will also highlight backordered items.

Getting started with eLink is easy. Just contact your Hastings Customer Service Representative, answer a few questions and — in most instances — you will be trained and ready to use eLink within 48 hours.