The Anatomy of an Oil Filter

September 2012

The main objective of the oil filter is to remove harmful contaminants from the engine oil. If designed correctly, the oil filter will keep these harmful contaminants from damaging engine components. This means longer engine component life and time and money savings for you.

The following illustration shows the components of a typical spin-on style oil filter.

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Filter Media – removes harmful contaminants from the oil.

Centertube – is placed inside the filter media pack to support it under fluid pressure.

End Caps – are bonded to each end of the media pack to keep contaminants from bypassing the media.

Baseplate/Seaming Lid Assembly – is threaded to attach the filter to the filter mounting base. This component also serves as the mechanism to allow oil to enter and leave the filter, as well as to hold the filter, sealing gasket in place.

Compression Spring – keeps continuous pressure on the filter media pack to seal the backside of the baseplate. This keeps contaminants from bypassing the media pack.

Canister – retains all of the filter components in one unit for ease of installation and removal.

At Hastings Premium Filters, each filter component and finished filter is designed to meet the requirements to protect each engine. Our experienced engineering group is continuously researching and developing new technologies to keep your engine protected.