Add Coolant Test Kits to Maintenance Program

July 2013

Coolant Test KitA heavy-duty diesel engine may run more hours in a year than a car engine will in its lifetime. This higher workload can cause additives in most commercial antifreezes to deplete at a much faster rate than they would in automotive use.

To protect your heavy-duty diesel engine, you should periodically check the depletion rate and add supplemental additives to the coolant when needed. Hastings Coolant Test Kit is a one-step method of determining Supplemental Coolant Additive (SCA) levels in conventional coolant formulations.

Hastings test kits can be used to test ethylene and propylene glycol antifreezes, without having to know what base additives (nitrite-borate or molybdate, nitrite-phosphate) are in the coolant. Hastings offers these test kits:

    CT101 - Coolant Test Kit – Contains: [1] Sample Vial, [1] Extraction Pipet, Instructions, Color Chart, Plastic
       Carrying Case, [50] Test Strips
    CT102- Coolant Test Strips Only – Contains: [4] Test Strips, Color Chart, Instructions

Testing requires a test strip, which is dipped in a small sample collected from the cooling system and measures freeze point, nitrite and molybdate levels. Each kit includes a color-coded chart, which tells you the condition of your Supplemental Coolant Additives (SCAs) and what you should do next as you compare the test strip to the chart.

By definition, extended life coolants are designed to work without SCA depletion and Hastings test kits should not be used with this coolant type. Hastings coolant test kits can aid your maintenance program with coolant testing that's fast, precise and affordable.